01. Gypsum Cerilice Plaster

Gypsum cerilice plaster, consisting of hemi-hydrated gypsum, quality enhancing additives and processed mineral aggregate which is applied with machine on masonry and concrete. This finishes the large area works very quickly.

02. Wall Putty

Malabar Gypsum Wall Putty is gypsum based fine powder which provides an ideal base for concrete / cement plastered walls and ceilings.

03. Interior And Exterior Wall Plaster

Malabar Gypsum Industries do provide two types of wall plasters, namely: 1. Interior Wall Plaster and 2. Exterior Wall Plaster.

04.Gypsum Floor Guard

Malabar Gypsum Floor Guard for rough and uneven concrete floors which consists of OPC, quality enhancing additives and mineral aggregates to protect.


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