Malabar Gypsum Pvt Ltd
18/1481B Bridge View,
Kozhikode - 673004,
Kerala, India

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The Malabar Gypsum wall plaster is made from gypsum plaster base, a unique light weight material which offers excellent insulation both thermal and acoustic and good passive fire protection. Malabar Gypsum Plaster systems offer a number of practical and aesthetic advantages over gypsum panels and other interior finishes. Malabar Gypsum Plaster permits a great deal of design flexibility, combined with fire performance, strength and durability.

These factors improve lifecycle economy when compared to drywall. Because Malabar Gypsum Plaster systems are truly monolithic, they provide surfaces that minimize or eliminate irregularities associated with standard drywall construction (ridging, boarding, nail pops, etc.).

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January 2014

Malabar Gypsum Pvt Ltd . is launching their new website

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